The Cobnor Chairboat

We are delighted that two local companies, Henry Adams and Southern Water, sponsored the Cobnor Chairboat in 2014. Their support is very much appreciated by all at Cobnor Activities Centre. We welcome sponsorship from other local companies who wish to be associated with enabling people to access our beautiful Chichester Harbour. 

More than just a Chairboat

The Cobnor Chairboat is specially designed for wheelchair users and others with limited mobility so that getting out and about on the water is accessible to all, but it has much more than this to offer...

Don’t fancy sailing or powerboating but want to get out on the water for a scenic view of Chichester Harbour? Why not hire the Cobnor Chairboat?

The Cobnor Chairboat offers a comfortable ride, no matter what your age or ability. It is ideal for those interested in nature and photography. It would even make the perfect vessel for a special occasion, such as a family picnic on East Head or showing off the bride and groom on their big day. The boat is wide and stable as well as being closer to the water than traditional tour boats, allowing passengers to make the most of this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Features of the Cobnor Chairboat:

Wide ramp, which lowers onto the shore, so people can safely wheel or walk aboard without any steps.
High-sided and stable, the Chairboat can accommodate 5 wheelchair passengers plus carers, 12 seated passengers or some combination thereof.
There are seats available for all passengers which can also be folded away to make extra space for wheelchairs and buggies.
It is operated by a qualified skipper and competent crew who are experienced in helping passengers embark and disembark safely and with ease.
Dual control steering allows passengers to take the helm under the watchful eye of the skipper.
Can be operated in shallow waters as features jet drive that does not draw as much water as a conventional propeller driven craft of the same size. This also makes the boat very manoeuvrable.

Booking the Cobnor Chairboat

The Chairboat can be booked for a three-hour morning or afternoon session. For larger groups we may be able to offer rotations on trips, and those not on the water will get the opportunity to enjoy our facilities and scenery.

All Chairboat passengers and their carers are welcome to use the Centre’s, picnic tables and toilets, which are all close to the shoreline and wheelchair accessible.

Anyone wishing to take a scenic tour of Chichester Harbour can hire the Cobnor Chairboat and this is priced on application. There is no set charge for use of the Chairboat for disabled users; however a contribution, in the region of £130, towards running costs would be much appreciated.

Contact us at: or call: 01243 572791 and we will be happy to advise you on availability and the most suitable arrangements for your group or occasion.