Powerboat Fleet

Planing Craft

We use Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) mainly to provide safety boat cover for our sailing fleets. We have four 5.5 metre RIBs that are also used to provide stable platforms for powerboat courses. Meanwhile, our 7 metre RIB can be used with our larger sailing dinghies for safety cover. In powerboat level 2 courses she is great for wave handling and high-speed manoeuvres. She is sometimes used to provide trips around Chichester Harbour too.

Displacement Craft

Diesel Launch
This 5.5 metre craft is used as a safety boat for our larger fleets. It is also used in powerboat courses as an example of fixed shaft and tiller-driven displacement.

Cobnor Chairboat

Specially designed for wheelchair users and others with limited mobility, she features a wide loading ramp which lowers onto the shore for easy boarding. Dual control steering enables passengers in chairs to operate the boat with help from the skipper.

Find out more about the Cobnor Chairboat.