BSCA Mountain Bike Leader

This is a 2 day course for Adults, with the ever increasing safety guidelines, and as a result of growing pressures for safety, especially for children, in the outdoors. The British School’s Cycling Association (BSCA) has responded by developing a Leader’s Course to cover Cycling with groups of children and young people. These courses are accepted by many Local Education Authorities, recognised by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority, and accredited by British Cycling Coaches. 

The course deals with navigation and mechanics to a greater depth than the other courses. Designed to enable leaders to take young people on cheap tours of Rights of way and Bridleways, and get them back safely. The course deals with problems of dangerous environments, and peaceful co-existence with other outdoor pursuits. Off road racing and competition are also covered.

All courses are continuously assessed in terms of demonstrating ability to handle groups, especially in the setting of goals and limitations appropriate to the age, aptitude and ability of young people.

The course is aimed at youth leaders, teachers and other adults interested in the leadership of groups off road. The elements of training are:

  • Group control
  • Navigation
  • Access
  • Rights of way
  • Route planning
  • First aid
  • Riding techniques
  • Equipment
  • Basic maintenance

Please note an additional £40 must be sent to BSCA as a registration fee.


Accepted by many local education authorities and recognised by the Adventure Licensing Authority
Accredited by the Association of British Cycling Coaches with access to their insurance scheme.
Developed in close consultation with Hampshire Education Authority and other professionals in the outdoor industry.