British Canoeing Awards

British Canoeing provides a comprehensive coaching qualification scheme and coach education programme. British Canoeing Coaching UK is designed to ensure that coaches and participants are fully and properly prepared to take part in the sport and that coaches are qualified to instruct participants in all aspects of technique, safety and understanding. Cobnor Activities Centre is an approved provider of the British Canoe Union.

January 2018 saw the introduction of British Canoeing’s new Coaching Award names, Level 1 is now Paddlesport Instructor and Level 2 is Coach. The Coaching Awards are developed to meet with the needs of today’s coaches and to provide them with better recognition within the UK sports industry. The new awards offer national accreditation by British Canoeing and the National Qualifications Framework.

British Canoeing Paddlesport Instructor

Previously called UKCC or BCU Level 1 Coach)

This is the first coaching level award run by British Canoeing under the UKCC scheme and means you can run fun sessions. Deliver the paddle power start working on sheltered water under the guidance of a higher coach. You must register with British Canoeing one month before attending; have a new 2 Star award and an FSRT.

British Canoeing Coach

Previously called UKCC or BCU Level 2 Coach)

The level 2 Coach Training is 4 days of training over 2 weekends and will enable you to coach 1 & 2 star awards in canoe and kayak as well as the Paddle Power tests. You will need to have a 3 Star Award in both Canoing and Kayaking before you are assessed. Continued Personal Development Units (CPDs) are welcome, but not essential. You must register with British Canoeing one month before attending; have an 8hr first aid certificate and an FSRT. 

Foundation Safety Rescue Test 

This is a prerequisite for all coach awards you will be able to rescue paddlers from all types of craft and rescue all equipment.