Embracing Change: New Faces and Roles at Cobnor Activities Centre Trust!

L to R Miranda Powley, Chief Operations Officer and Tom Collins, Chief Activities Officer

Transformations are underway at Cobnor Activities Centre Trust

We welcome new talent and witness our team members taking on fresh roles. While one colleague joins us as a new addition, others are stepping up to lead with passion and expertise. 

"We're delighted to announce Miranda Powley as our new Chief Operations Officer and Tom Collins as our Chief Activities Officer," shares Matthew Wright, Chairman of the Trustee Board. "Miranda brings a wealth of knowledge, having served as Operations Manager for 13 years. Tom's maturity and capability demonstrated in his previous role as Chief Instructor made him the natural candidate for the position. The combination of both in these new roles will provide outstanding consistency and stability in the leadership of our staff team." 

Joining our team as the new Lead Instructor, Paddling, is Dane Hitchcock, who will oversee our paddling activities. 

"We very much look forward to Dane joining us," adds Tim Burgess, who will now lead our Land activities. With 33 years as a Wholetime Firefighter and a wealth of outdoor qualifications, Tim's transition reflects his dedication to outdoor education. "I try my hand at all disciplines, on the land or the water, as I love being outdoors." 

Greg Kies, now our Lead Instructor, Sailing, expresses his enthusiasm about the new roles: "I am delighted to be taking on the additional responsibilities of Lead Instructor, as part of the new team." 

In addition to these changes, we welcome Jeremy Drummond and Pip Tyler to our Board of Trustees. Jeremy is a dedicated volunteer with expertise in sales and marketing, and Pip, founder of Neilson Active Holidays, bring valuable perspectives and experience to our organisation. 

"We look forward to collaborating with our newly strengthened team to continue providing high-quality outdoor experiences for young people, both on and off the water," concludes Matthew Wright. 

Join us as we embrace change and embark on new adventures at Cobnor Activities Centre Trust! For the latest updates, visit www.cobnor.com