Our fleet

Laser Picos

Laser Picos are fairly small yet versatile dinghies, which can be sailed singularly or with a partner. The Pico has an optional jib if sailing with two people in lighter conditions or a furling main sail, which is ideal for windy conditions. These are excellent boats for children and agile adult beginners.

RS Feva

This boat can be sailed alone with just one sail or with a crew using a jib and asymmetric spinnaker. The main sail can be made smaller and used alongside a jib. As great training boats, RS Fevas encourage more advanced sailing techniques.

Bosun Dinghies

The Bosun is a very forgiving, stable, learning platform - but is no less exciting. It allows you to take your time with manoeuvres, making it the ideal training dinghy for adults or children. A Bosun can take up to 3 students with an instructor.


Wayfarer Mk4s are the largest training dinghy available at Cobnor Activities Centre. This dinghy is a versatile learning platform for beginners and improving sailors alike. The Wayfarer is stable, like the Bosun, and feels very light to sail. It sports trapezes for crewed sailing as well as spinnaker systems - 3 symmetric and 3 asymmetric - for those who want a bit more of a challenge. For ease of use, the Wayfarer also has a furling jib. For an older design of boat, it can reach an impressive speed.

The RS Quba

The RS Quba is a durable, lightweight, safe and fun boat suitable for either single or double handed sailing. The cockpit is spacious but is also light enough to be handled by children. 

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