Throughout the year, Cobnor Activities Centre is able to offer a wide variety of land based activities for schools and groups to enjoy, even when the weather conditions prevent us from going on the water. 


Choose from a wide range of options: 

Children climbing up Rock Climbing wall

Our climbing and abseil walls are ideal for beginners of all ages. With the addition of the North Face overhang wall there are now harder routes available for those who really get the hang of it!

Children participating in Low Rope activity
Low Ropes

These are excellent tools for groups that wish to improve both team and individual skills. They use many aspects of teambuilding to develop awareness of others and promote communication in a group.

Playing Aeroball

A mixture of volleyball, trampolining, and basketball - Aeroball is an exciting, vigorous sport. Four players learn the basics required - then spring into action! The aim is to get the ball in the opposing players net. As well as being lots of fun, the players will develop team tactics and improve communication skills at the same time.